For popular

If you are a popular person on social networks or you have a page on other topics with a large audience, then we are ready to cooperate with you and make a free website for you.

Who exactly?

We make free sites for famous and novice bloggers, actors, models. For those who have a social media page with a lot of activity, whether it’s a cooking page or your pet.

What should be the popularity?

We consider each application without focusing on a certain number of subscribers or your content. If you have 90% of your subscribers, then we can refuse. But if you have a couple of thousand subscribers and they are real and original content, then we can make an exception and take care of your new site absolutely free.

For charities

If you have a charitable organization, for example, you help shelters or you have your own shelter and you need a website so that people can find you on the Internet, we are ready to help you. We will make a website for you for free.


For enterprising people who want to create something and have a lot of ideas for further implementation. We are ready to become partners with you, help you create a website and fully engage in Internet marketing of the project.