Online Store Development

Development time: 15-40 days.

With each new day, the Internet audience is growing at a rapid pace, and this cannot but lead to the emergence of all the new modern opportunities for online commerce. At present, online stores, due to their accessibility and comfort of use, are a unique and massively used platform for doing business, so their professional creation for any commercial organization turns into an increase in sales and, as a result, profits.

Domain and hosting

We select the domain (website address) and hosting that are optimal for the project. We agree with the customer. We carry out registration and configuration procedures for domain and hosting.

Online store web design

We think over and develop a high-quality, modern design, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, we do the elaboration of graphics, fonts, colors, frame structure and interface.

Responsive html layout

We carry out adaptive layout of the design layout of the online store, taking into account the display on personal computers, monoblocks, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We observe cross-browser compatibility for displaying an online store in various browsers.

Online store management system (CMS)

We install and configure a clear, modern management system (for permanent use), with which you can independently edit, create, delete pages and sections of the online store using the built-in visual editor. Create product categories, add product, product photos, product description and characteristics.

Product catalog

As agreed with the customer, we fill the online store with product categories, start up commodity items, add prices, product descriptions, characteristics, properties, tags. We upload photos of each product. If necessary, we add promotions for the product and special offers.

cart / order

We carry out setting up and testing of the shopping cart of the online store, taking into account the wishes of the customer.


We fill the information sections of the online store with text and graphic information, such as: About the company, Delivery, Contacts, Promotions, News, etc.

Programming and setting

By agreement with the customer, we will set up filters for sorting goods according to the specified criteria. Let's set up the logic of product display. We will add additional fields, options to commodity items, form the necessary price calculation, etc.


Adding, changing and deleting product categories, products, changing availability and prices. Editing information sections. Independent addition of text and graphic information.

Interaction scheme

  • We receive an application

    We receive an application for the creation of a business card site by phone or through the feedback form.

  • technical task and commercial proposal

    We analyze and agree on the scope of work, terms, cost and conditions. We formulate a commercial offer.

  • We conclude an agreement

    We sign an agreement, exchange copies and originals of documents. 50% prepayment.

  • We do the work

    We develop a turnkey online store in accordance with the terms of reference, carry out filling and optimization of the store. Coordination of each stage of work with the customer, reporting. Correction. Testing the work of the online store.

  • The final

    We draw up a report on the work done. Site documentation. Payment of 50% of the balance. Transfer of closing documents (acts of completion). Discussion of conditions and possibilities for further cooperation.