Yandex Market


Every year it becomes more and more difficult to sell. The internet is overflowing with advertisements, and people are becoming more selective about the abundance of offers. At the moment Yandex.Market is the largest service for comparing goods and their characteristics in Russia. For 15 years, people have been able to compare analogues and choose the best product for themselves and their families. Each title is accompanied by high-quality photo and video files, thanks to which it is much easier for you to make a choice. Next, we will talk about how to connect Yandex Market comprehensively and quickly.

Connect Yandex.Market - basic principles

For online store owners, connecting Yandex.Market is a way to attract a huge audience from all over the country. The more accurately you determine which product is the flagship, the more profit you will get. It is always easier and more profitable to promote two or three product categories. You can place your ad on the site and pay only for referrals to your site. In this regard, the Market moderators put forward a number of requirements that the product and the online store must meet. If these rules are not followed, you will not be able to stay on the site.

If the Yandex.Market setting is correct, then in addition to increasing income due to a new flow of sales, you will receive:

  • Increase in site visits,
  • Increase in positive reviews,
  • Recognition among millions of users,
  • Forecasting customer demand,
  • The ability to correctly manage rates on the platform.

Product aggregator is an effective sales tool

So that your online store does not lose profit because of the time spent on self-configuration, we suggest leaving a request for consultation with the company of integrated Internet promotion Simon Force Studio. Our specialists daily monitor strategies, rates and changes on the site – a decrease in illiquid goods and an increase in rates on liquid positions. This allows us to quickly adapt the tactics of your promotion. We are constantly looking for points of growth for your sales and are engaged in their implementation. We guarantee results and post-support.