Facebook Advertising Targeting


Facebook is considered a social network of businessmen and people seeking career growth and status in society. It is believed that Facebook has the most paying audience. Therefore, eminent experts and speakers, successful entrepreneurs and politicians keep their blogs in it. Invitations to business events always start with Facebook, and only then the beloved by many Instagram is pulled up. Therefore, we will focus on how to properly set up advertising on facebook and quickly recoup investments in it with subsequent sales.

How to set up facebook ads?

What will a good Facebook ad setup bring?

  • increase in coverage on all publications of the group,
  • constant growth in sales of flagship products and related products,
  • detachment from competitors,
  • growth of the average check,
  • increasing loyalty of the target audience.

If you entrust advertising to unverified specialists, you can get the following results:

  • deceiving the expectations of existing customers,
  • distrust of the cold market,
  • loss of leading positions and competitors going forward,
  • advertising cabinet can be blocked. It will take too long while you restore it and deal with the Facebook administration, proving that you are you. The best moment to advertise will be missed.
  • inability to target not only Facebook, but also Instagram.

Targeted advertising - basic parameters

The Simon Force Team provides services for setting up Facebook and Instagram ads in Moscow and the region.

We pay attention to everything that may seem like a trifle.

  • Features of a product or service. What is the difference from competitors? How can we beat the similarity?
  • The target audience. What else can your product give them useful? How can we attract a non-target customer without changing the product itself?
  • Purchase process. At what stage is it possible for the client to “drain” the purchase of a product or payment for a service? How to avoid this?