Online Business


Comprehensive business packaging consists in defining a list of key activities for its successful promotion and their implementation. The use of an integrated approach will create a positive image of the company, ensure brand awareness, and convey the main meanings and competitive advantages to the target audience. The main goal of integrated business packaging is to increase customer confidence and sales efficiency.

What does complex business packaging include

Developing a business packaging concept requires a professional approach. It is necessary to audit the company’s activities, study products and services, determine competitive advantages, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, outline points of growth, and much more. Our studio provides packaging services for various businesses around the world. We are ready to offer a complete solution that meets your needs and the scale of tasks to be solved.

The complex project includes the following main elements:

  • Semantic content is the foundation of any successful business. A unique selling proposition, high-quality content, well-designed advertising texts – all this will ensure the interest of the target audience. Also, an important semantic role in the formation of the company’s image is played by information about achievements (successful projects, certificates, awards, reviews), the personality of the leader and the professionalism of the team.
  • The visual range includes everything that the client sees when interacting with the company. Graphic elements allow you to convey to the consumer the basic meanings and correctly place accents. Therefore, we pay great attention to the development of a single design concept for all information materials (website, advertisements, etc.).
  • Marketing strategy plays a key role in promoting a business online. Combining all the main tools of Internet marketing into a single system (website, advertising, CRM, IP-telephony and much more) will allow you to fully implement the promotion concept.
  • Technical support for business processes is the most important component of promotion. It is modern technologies that ensure the flawless work of the team and effective support of transactions. Poor automation of internal processes, imperfect integration of various services, unstable site operation – all this can lead to a loss of demand.

For successful development, it is not enough to develop and implement a business packaging concept. It is necessary to actively support further promotion: introduce new ideas and technologies, assess the effectiveness of advertising, work on improving products and services. Only a systematic approach will make it possible to achieve success and take a leading position in the market.

The main stages of packaging business

Business packaging is a complex task, and the effectiveness of the company’s promotion and development largely depends on its successful solution. Systematic analysis of the market, definition of the main meanings, development of a unified visual series, integration of various services – all this will bring the business to a new level and ensure stable income.

The main stages of packaging business include:

  • Audit of the company.
  • Study of the audience and market sector.
  • Determination of the main competitive advantages of the company and product.
  • Company and product positioning.
  • Determination of key meanings and core values ​​of the business.
  • Preparation of a unique selling proposition.
  • Development of the structure and design of a selling site.
  • Preparation of content for the site.
  • Creation and content of the site.
  • Selection of advertising channels for promotion and setting up advertising.
  • Integration of various internal and external services (website, accounting systems, CRM, IP-telephony, etc.)
  • Development of scripts and implementation of sales analytics tools.
  • Implementation of reputation management tools.