Lead Generation


Modern Internet marketing is aimed primarily at systematic business promotion. Comprehensive advertising and WEB analytics settings allow you to attract the target audience and ensure a stable flow of orders. One of the main tasks of any advertising campaign is to find new customers and convince website visitors to purchase a product or service. Therefore, the first step in converting external traffic into real profit is to turn a search query into a potential customer, in other words, you need to generate leads.

Lead generation: tools, customization and maintenance

Visitors who come to the site as a result of a search query must take the targeted action: buy a product or service, subscribe to the newsletter, transfer their contact and personal data. Converting the target audience into customers interested in buying (leads) is the main task of lead generation.

We use in our work all the main tools of Internet marketing to create an effective sales funnel:

  • Contextual advertising is one of the main tools for attracting conversion traffic. Therefore, setting the context is paramount to a successful conversion. The context should attract only the target audience to the site and bring the visitor to a specific page, where he will find the answer to his request.
  • Targeted advertising aims to attract target audiences through social media. The target is customizable by user categories: age, gender, geolocation, interests and much more. Facebook and Instagram settings allow the use of the “lead generation” format, which allows users to fill out a feedback form without leaving the social network.
  • Traffic tracking on the site is the most important stage of conversion and lead generation. Therefore, the text of the page should arouse interest from the first second, and a thoughtful design should help to correctly place accents and strengthen the content. It is very important to correctly place the forms of capturing visitors: contacts, links to the order form, requests for consultation or a call back. All this helps to combine direct sales through the site to interested visitors and lead generation if the prospective client is not yet ready for the deal.
  • To ensure efficient lead generation in online stores, visitors are usually offered a certain bonus. This can be a discount on the first order or a gift in exchange for contacts and subscriptions. If the client has already registered, selected a product, but did not place an order, the correct settings will automatically send him a reminder or suggestions for similar and related products.
  • Integration of the site with accounting systems, CRM and telephony plays an important role in lead generation. It is necessary not only to interest visitors and convert requests into leads, but also to ensure transaction support. Automatic synchronization of data streams allows to increase the efficiency of feedback, as well as to monitor and analyze work at all stages.

Effective conversion and lead generation is a mutually beneficial exchange that allows you not only to find new customers and ensure order flow, but also to win the trust of customers and build long-term relationships with them.

How to reduce the cost of lead generation

Our customers are often interested in the question of how to optimize the costs of lead generation, increase the number of leads and reduce the flow of non-targeted requests. The main methods of reducing the cost of lead generation come down to optimizing an advertising campaign.

Therefore, we apply the following principles in our work:

  • we compose only high-quality texts for advertisements and offers on the site,
  • we filter the target audience by placing the price of the offered product or service in the ad text,
  • we provide hyper-localization of requests depending on the geography of the target audience,
  • we analyze and modernize the sales funnel based on statistics of advertising campaigns and end-to-end WEB analytics,
    choosing the most effective advertising channels.

Our main task is to ensure maximum lead generation and turnkey conversion within the available budget.