Sales Scripts


With an integrated approach to Internet marketing, it is important not only to attract a client and interest him in a unique offer, but also to provide effective support for incoming calls from the first question to the transaction. Development of sales scripts describing the scenario of interaction with the client helps to regulate the maintenance process and increases sales efficiency.

Why you need sales scripts

Sales scripts are used today in a variety of areas: in online stores and call centers, for offers to wholesale buyers, businesses, individuals, and so on. The introduction of uniform rules and algorithms for interaction with the client will help improve the quality of service and optimize the procedure for processing calls. In our work, we adhere to the principles that allow us to build sales without losing customers.

You need scripts to:

  • To solve the task at hand – to sell a product or service.
  • Increase the conversion of external calls to the order flow.
  • Teach managers to correctly answer any client’s questions.
  • Regulate the process of interaction with the customer and exclude the human factor (work experience and managerial skills, mood, etc.)
  • Accelerate the process of training new employees.
  • Monitor the work of managers and analyze the results.

The main stages of developing sales scripts

There are many factors to consider when developing, from product characteristics and business specifics to the transaction stage and conversation topic.

In our agency, the development of sales scripts includes the following main stages:

  • Conducting a preliminary audit of the company to determine the competitive advantage, the main meanings and goals that need to be conveyed to the client.
  • Study of the target audience and product features.
  • Development of independent scenarios for each task for various products / directions and segments of the target audience.
  • Preparation of texts, semantic blocks and script design.
  • Testing the script of the conversation.
  • Changes to algorithms based on testing results.
  • Our company does not use standard templates for developing sales scripts. We offer only individual turnkey solutions, taking into account all the features of your business.