Contextual Advertising


It is impossible to imagine successful business development today without a well-built advertising campaign on the Internet. Setting up contextual advertising is the fastest and most effective way to attract customers. We know what needs to be done for advertising to work successfully and to justify the investment in it. You can always contact our agency and order the customization of contextual advertising or the development and comprehensive support of an advertising campaign.

How to set up contextual advertising - basic principles.

On the Internet, there are two basic principles of displaying contextual advertising. Search ads are displayed in response to a specific user request in search results. Subject advertising in the Google AdWords or Russian networks Yandex.Direct focuses on data on user behavior on the Internet and his interests. In this case, the advertisement is displayed directly on the site that the user is currently viewing, and its content depends on the search history.

Working contextual advertising should:

  • Attract only the target audience thanks to a properly assembled semantic core, SEO optimization, geo-targeting settings and end-to-end WEB analytics.
  • Provide relevance to the request, bring the visitor to the exact page on which he will find the answer to his request.
  • The ad text should be well-designed. It is necessary not only to reflect the key competitive advantages, but also to lay down restrictions to exclude the non-target audience (prices, terms, volumes).
  • It should be split into several independent campaigns: for each product / direction, display region, search and networks (Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct). This will allow reallocating advertising budgets and reducing the cost of attracting a targeted application.

Setting up contextual advertising - the main stages.

Correct setting of an advertising campaign on the Internet allows you to bring the target audience to the site, find potential customers and ensure the successful conversion of search queries. Setting up contextual advertising and choosing a strategy for its promotion depends on many factors, primarily on the market sector, business goals and tasks to be solved.

Services of our agency for setting up contextual advertising include:

  • Preparation of the text of advertisements.
  • Selection of key search queries and collection of the semantic core.
  • Basic settings for Google AdWords or Yandex.Direct.
  • Audience customization.
  • Collection of audiences from open sources (Google Maps, Yandex maps, and others).
  • Advertising design development – selection and rendering of relevant images.
  • Setting up additional ad formats (banners, videos, and others).
  • Testing and optimization based on test results.
  • Running an advertising campaign is free for a month from the moment of the first click.

For a successful marketing campaign, it is important not only to develop and set up contextual advertising, but also to provide its professional support. Payment for placement in search and ad networks is made not for the display of the ad, but for the number of clicks on it – the transitions of users to the site. Therefore, it is so important to ensure a steady stream of targeted requests. The specialists of our agency will help you optimize settings based on statistics and increase the effectiveness of advertising, taking into account the specifics of your business.

How much does contextual advertising setup cost?

For small businesses, we offer several standard packages of services for setting up contextual advertising. The basic option is suitable for launching the first sales, the extended option will reduce the cost of an application in working advertising. The full package includes the maximum range of services, including the development of individual turnkey solutions.

The cost of setting depends on the set of services and the number of advertising sites. We recommend starting with advertising on Google AdWords. Our experience shows that the cost of a targeted application from this site is cheaper in most cases. Whichever option you choose, we ensure that your ad works effectively. You will pay not for clicks on an ad, but for real applications and attracted customers who are ready to buy a product or service.