Business Card Website Development

Development time: 5-10 days.

A business card website is the most popular and demanded type of site, usually consisting of a small number of pages (sections) and certain functionality. Business card websites are an excellent information and marketing tool at a relatively low and affordable development cost.

A business card is an excellent and versatile solution suitable for absolutely any segments and directions in small and medium-sized businesses, creativity, social and non-commercial projects. Ideal for both companies and individuals.

Domain and hosting

We select the domain (website address) and hosting that are optimal for the project. We agree with the customer. We carry out registration and configuration procedures for domain and hosting.

Website design

We think over and develop a high-quality, modern design, taking into account all the wishes of the customer, we do the elaboration of graphics, fonts, colors, frame structure and interface.

Responsive html layout

We carry out an adaptive layout of the website design layout, taking into account the display on personal computers, candy bars, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. We observe cross-browser compatibility for displaying the site in different browsers.

Content Management System (CMS)

We install and configure a clear, modern management system (for permanent use), with which you can independently edit, create, delete pages and sections of the site using the built-in visual editor. Add pictures, descriptions, change price lists, create links and other information on the site. Maintain a news blog. Control system configuration.


By agreement with the customer, we will fill the site with the necessary text and graphic information. We will download price lists, photo galleries, a list of services or trade names, news and information sections.

Website optimization

Internal website optimization for the Google search engine. According to the basic SEO checklist. Installing Google Analytics statistics system

Interaction scheme

  • We receive an application

    We receive an application for the creation of a business card site by phone or through the feedback form.

  • technical task and commercial proposal

    We analyze and agree on the scope of work, terms, cost and conditions. We formulate a commercial offer.

  • We conclude an agreement

    We sign an agreement, exchange copies and originals of documents. 50% prepayment.

  • We do the work

    We develop a turnkey business card site in accordance with the terms of reference, carry out content and site optimization. Coordination of each stage of work with the customer, reporting. Correction. Testing the site.

  • The final

    We draw up a report on the work done. Site documentation. Payment of 50% of the balance. Transfer of closing documents (acts of completion). Discussion of conditions and possibilities for further cooperation.

Why you should order a business card website

What allows an enterprise to occupy a niche of a successful and efficient company in the market? An innovative industrial cycle, efficient management and qualified personnel? Of course, but also prestige, reputation, marketing. Moreover, the second category is often a much higher priority in the formation of an enterprise. The point is that no matter how innovative and powerful a company is, without proper marketing it will remain unknown to the consumer, will not be able to enter the market and loudly declare itself. Without an effective marketing strategy, the company will remain within only its segment with no chance of further promotion. That is why marketing strategy is so important for businesses of all sizes, from a small family business to a multinational corporation.

The modern world is closely connected with information flows, and most entrepreneurs justifiably believe that such a rich soil for marketing should not pass by their companies. This led to the emergence of various advertising sites, promotion companies on information portals and social networks. However, this is not enough, there is fierce competition on the domestic market, especially in the field of small business, and every advantage in this struggle is worth its weight in gold. This is a business card website.

Service features

The main feature of a business card site is a complete presentation and publicity of the company and its products. Such a page on the web can be called the face of the company. If we take into account the fascination of the younger generation with the network and the fact that most consumers are already making decisions based on information on the Internet, and not on their own experience, then the root cause of the popularity of this service becomes clear. The business card site serves several purposes at once. First of all, it is publicity. Until the company announces itself publicly, the consumer will not be able to isolate it from a dozen other competitors. Strictly speaking, the presence of significant competition is a prerequisite for the second goal, namely, uniqueness. The more unique an enterprise presentation is, the more likely it will be noticed. And finally, the third is a means of influencing the already existing audience of regular customers. A business card site allows you to unconsciously push the buyer to make a decision regarding a particular product. Promptly inform about the emergence of discounts for specific products.

The importance of prestige

Many entrepreneurs turn to a qualified agency for a business card site in order to increase the prestige of their enterprise. After all, in the end, in the information era, not having your own page on the network looks, at least not solid. In addition, without a business card site, how can potential partners get the entrepreneur’s contact information? This undoubtedly has its weight too. Among other things, the question of whether to create a website on our own or to attract specialists will be quite appropriate. In fact, as practice has shown, this is not a question. The difference between a site that was made by professionals and a page that was formed by an amateur is immediately apparent. Budgetary and primitive design, lack of linking sections, incorrect display of visual materials, modesty and the absence of its own domain – all this does not play into the hands of the enterprise, it seems too gray and inexpressive. On the other hand, a qualified team will develop a unique, bright and inimitable design with many references to the nature of the enterprise’s activities with a corporate color and stunning technological performance. Large-scale animations, linking sections, beautifully executed transitions – all this is a hallmark of the work of a professional, which can really demonstrate the prestige of the enterprise.