Web development


The development of a business development strategy and attracting new customers cannot be imagined today without an integrated approach using various Internet marketing tools. One of the main channels of promotion via the Internet is a corporate website, the use of which allows not only to create a positive image of the company, to convey to consumers its core values ​​and competitive advantages, but also to attract the target audience to goods and services, and to ensure a stable flow of orders. From the specialists of Simon Force studio, you can order a turnkey website development.

Website development: the basic principles of our work

Simon Force studio offers services for the development, turnkey creation and promotion of corporate websites of any complexity. This can be an inexpensive one-page landing page or an online store with a complete set of content management and sales tools. We are ready to analyze the existing page, and propose a plan to update it or develop a site from scratch. There is also a service for integrating websites with various services: CRM systems, selling platforms, accounting systems, social networks, instant messengers and others.

Our work is based on the following principles:

  • The site must be integrated into a unified system of business development and customer acquisition, agreed with the settings of advertising campaigns, and must not contradict the approved regulations for processing applications by managers.
  • We study the market and carry out a systematic analysis of the company’s activities, identify competitive advantages, and determine the target audience. Based on the results, we formulate a specific offer for the client and broadcast it through the website.
  • We define the main ideas that need to be conveyed to the consumer in order to achieve an effective conversion of requests into leads and orders.
  • On the site, we provide only meaningful facts that reflect the values ​​of the company, dignity and competitive advantages of the business. We do not use empty phrases and value judgments in the texts.
  • We attach great importance to the relevance of queries. The page that a site visitor lands on must give an answer specifically to his search query. Otherwise, the visit will not be effective and you will lose the client.
  • It is important to place your visitor capture forms correctly. The client, having received a response to his request, should be able to communicate his decision without additional effort, leave a request or ask an additional question.
  • We pay great attention to the development of a general design and the design of individual information blocks. Each detail and picture should not only visually complement, but also strengthen the text, help convey the main idea to the visitor, even without reading the text.

The cost of creating a turnkey online store

Our main task is to create a turnkey website, ready to receive traffic and its successful conversion into real customer orders.

To order the creation of a turnkey website is available at various prices.

The price of a service depends on its structure and design, on a set of content management tools, and the possibilities of integration with various services. A preliminary estimate of the cost of work is provided upon request. We offer entrepreneurs from some countries to conduct a free audit of the company’s activities, and during a face-to-face meeting, discuss the results and main technical points. This will help to agree on a detailed project plan and determine its final cost.

Website development includes one month of conducting and optimizing an advertising campaign. Design revision and correction of inaccuracies are carried out free of charge for one year. We guarantee compliance with the deadlines for the execution of work with timely receipt of feedback and all the necessary information materials from the customer.